Expanded PVC Board (4 x 8 feet)

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Expanded PVC Board  is a new type of environmental protective plastic materials instead of woods

and steels. Its main material is PVC ,shaped through foaming and pressing with additives. It

covers not only the feature of wood plast but also itself’ other features.


1.Light-weight,easily transported and processed;

2.Smooth and easily printed and filmed with kinds of colors;

3.Good plasticity, excellent thermoforming material;

4.High impact and fireproof;

5.Anti-chemical corrosion, non-toxic;

6.Mositureproof,water-proof and good heat preservation;

7.Good sound insulation and shock absorption;

8.Unfading and anti-aging;

9.Many ways of processing such as drilling, sawing, nailing, planning, cementing, jointing,etc.

No.1 Quality Protected PE film masking.

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1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 1/2", 3/8"


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